A lamp and the room comes to life

How the expressiveness of light sources helps interior designers.
Two architects and designers talk about it in the Instagram live ‘Icone Talks.”

Light. “It fascinates me, in architecture it is the main element, the greatest masters were able to manage volumes and light in an incredible way.”

These are the words with which designer Antonio Facco responds, during Icone Talks’ live social broadcast, to the question of what his relationship with light is.

“In interior design, both natural and artificial light are a fundamental element to shape a project and make it perceivable in the right way.”

Not all objects are the same, not all have the same power: “If you take an empty room and put a chair in it, it’s not so obvious that the space will come to life. If you put a lamp there and turn it on, on the other hand… It has a power, a magic that goes beyond the object itself”.

“There are objects that sometimes transcend the classic concept of a lamp or light. Some products are poised between architecture and art, they are able to define an interior in a precise way. It’s the expressiveness of the light source,” added Facco’s interlocutor, his mentor Giulio Cappellini, art director of Icone.

And do they look at Icone’s lamps?

“Spillo and Caveau are the two products that strike me the most” – commented Antonio Facco – “They dialogue with the interior, with the architecture, they integrate with the space and they also give you the possibility to create interesting compositions that give designers the chance to be interpreted.”

Watch the entire conversation between Giulio Cappellini and Antonio Facco in the IGTV of @icone.luce.


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