Marco Pagnoncelli has thought of an evolution of the Albatros lamp, in an almost artistic key. For lighting that you can also interact with.

Decorate a wall with a new color, different from the rest of the room; hang photographs, creating a composition; hang shelves to place sought-after objects on them; paint it creatively. These are all ways to give personality to what may seem like a simple wall, but which in the mind of those who live in that space becomes a canvas, a block of marble to be sculpted or clay to model.

Light can decorate a wall, with a flashy lamp and limited lighting that enhances its particular shape. Among those lighting objects that stand out is a particular design lamp, closer to a sculpture than to a simple functional object.

Icone ALBATROS 2002 collection has a high scenic impact: the characteristic three light rods with a square cross-section, made of brass die, curved and rotationally orientable, project their light on a rectangular boxy structure with a stone-effect finish.

Albatros is meant to be hung on the wall and allows itself to be looked at not without leaving the possibility of interaction. Its adjustable rods allow you to modify its indirect light at will, as well as its shape.

Looking at it frontally, without perspective, the weave of the rods forms like a thin mark on a canvas, almost a cut; changing point of view, Albatros reveals its essential and sculptural structure, defined by light lines. 


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