Thousands of illuminated colors flashing at lightning speed

Immersive installations in which visitors must surrender to the sensation of being in a boundless space made only of lights, images and sounds that repeat endlessly, while everything else is put on hold.

This is what you experience in the Infinity Mirrored Rooms of the Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama, whose exhibitions have become mass phenomena, precisely because of the uniqueness of the experience they manage to give.

An example of this experience? From a walkway surrounded by water, you enter a dark room, completely covered with mirrors. From above hang hundreds of small LED lights of different colors, which turn on and off, illuminating the darkness at times. Inside this magical circumscribed environment, called Filled with the Brilliance of Life, any image is infinitely reflected.

“The psychedelic images of lights make the world a kind of kaleidoscope, reflecting the light at the base of all things and drawing anyone who enters the room into the world of infinity,” Yayoi Kusama recounts.

Another room/installation is the Chandelier of Grief, in which the artist manages to give the illusion of being in a universe in which crystal chandeliers rotate.

Yayoi Kusama is recognized as an avant-garde and eclectic artist, it seems that there is nothing she can’t do: installations, painting, sculpture, fashion design, literary writing.

Her installations are appreciated all over the world and tickets for her exhibitions sell like hot cakes.


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