Bathroom lighting, do not give up on style

Not just ceiling lights and central light points: in modern bathrooms you can customize the lighting like never before.

For those who take care of the details of their interior design, the bathroom can no longer be considered “just” a service room, but a real “relax room“, large or small. For this reason it must be conceived like the others, both from the point of view of furnishings and lighting.

Here too, then, LED space, spotlights, single or double light beam wall lamps to make the bathroom unique and special.

Alongside the more functional light, reserved for the mirror, focusing on indirect lighting allows you to play with the atmosphere and illuminate the rest of the bathroom.


Indirect or reflected lighting on the ceiling is preferable especially when the ceilings are low.

A completely original touch? A floor lamp. It is an unusual solution for this type of room, but for this reason more refined and particular.

When the space in height allows it, you can choose to use an important central light, such as a suspension lamp or a ceiling lamp (for example like Nubes or Pop), wich are scenographic and coreographic at the same time.

The main light? Soft and white, similar to the natural one, for a relaxing effect and also suitable in the evening and at night.

A double beam spotlight can illuminate the wall highlighting the designs, especially if the wall covering (eg 3D) is particular and should be highlighted.

In the most modern houses and rooms, the light pints are no longer just central and for this reason solutions can be found to make the bathroom unique and special. Using, for example, cuts of light or “invisible” archietctural lighting, the lighting bodies disappear and the light is brought along the walls and floors, under the shelves, both horizontally and vertically.


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