Light as protagonist in Bruce Munro’s sculptural works

Light installation representing nature and the rebirth of life even among the arid lands of deserts. The “site-specific” operas by Bruce Munro, 63 years old Anglo-Australian artist, are famous all over the world for the sentimental impact they create on visitors, not least because of the contexts in chich they are installed. The idea of […]

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The light of 2022: central, warm and scenic

New year’s lighting trend according to Giulio Cappellini, Icone art director. In 2022, light will once again play a major role in interior design. Both the light intensity, and its colour, and the luminaires are becoming increasingly important. Warm and soft light give a sense of great intimacy to both private and public spaces in […]

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There can be design in everything

A dynamic discipline, constantly evolving and with new applications. One of the common phrases about design is that “everything has already been done”. Giulio Cappellini, Icone’s art director, and Alessandro Biamonti, architect, university professor and writer (Essere Designer, ARCHIFLOP. Storie di progetti finiti male), they are not of the same opinion and they spoke about […]

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Vera - Borgo la vetreria

The loft in the old glassworks

The space obtained in the large vertical volume of a modern apartment. HOU56 is a project that was born in the old glassworks of Porta Romana, in Milan, of which you can still recognize the characteristic shed roofs. The apartment, located in what is now called “Borgo La Vetreria”, is very bright and has high […]

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scudo 3

Ergonomics is also in the lighting

The house becomes an office, thus changing the way of understanding light. When we think of the concept of smart working we refer to the management of work from home throughout the day, thinking more in terms of objectives rather than hours spent. “Smart”, however, must also be the environment in which one works, in […]

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The legacy of what we do

Flexibility, sustainability and experience go into the budgets of all new projects. Disruption of vision, values and desires. With the pandemic, companies like ours have had to adapt quickly to survive a whole new set of client expectations. Today’s reality is more complex, projects raise more questions than answers, and there are more logistical and […]

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Light that can revitalise places of hospitality

Lighting plays a crucial role in the return to social venues. How can the hospitality industry bring people back into their environments after Covid closures and restrictions? One possible way forward is to work on the way these spaces engage the public. Light is an integral part of this transformation process because it creates a […]

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Light as a timer of our body

Human Centric Lighting: first and foremost, well-being and and respect for the biological rhythms of human beings. There is a discrepancy between natural light and artificial light, it concerns the intensity, the colour, and the dynamism of the light. Natural light is not always the same, it is dynamic, it varies depending on the time […]

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Biophilic lighting and design: a necessity rather than a trend

Nature makes us feel good and, when we can’t go out, we can surround ourselves with objects that remind us of it. Connecting with nature improves the quality of life. This is the principle behind biophilic design, the ability to design objects that establish a connection with nature even in closed environments and that transmit […]

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Regina degli scacchi netflix

TV series that help interior designers

In this pandemic period, even a digital platform such as Netflix can be useful to professionists. Journey are always enriching and the first source of inspiration we think of for, or have thought of before the pandemic. Locked down at home or restricted in our movements, we were forced to nurture creativity in other ways. […]

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