Icone Luce & Milan Design Week 2021

The company chooses the “citadel of the image” and its exhibitions to characterise its presence at Milan Design Week. On the occasion of the Milan Design Week next September (from Sunday 5th to Friday 10th), Icone Luce will be present at Superdesign Show at Superstudiopiù in via Tortona, in two different events: Cult&Must: the great […]

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Icone and Giulio Cappellini, light and design

Where did the idea come from to bring together a big name in Italian furniture design to the world of lighting. Taking an interest in the subject of light after an extraordinary career in interiors. A challenge? For Giulio Cappellini it is above all enthusiasm and passion for his work and for everything that revolves […]

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Achille Castiglioni

Lighting: is the form-function relationship still valid?

Are the teachings of the great masters of design still relevant? This is what Giulio Cappellini and Lisa Marchesi wondered about at Icone Talks. According to Achille Castiglioni (1918-2002), the Milanese architect and designer, form derives from a problem of function resolved with coherence and simplicity. Form thus becomes itself a function, a manifestation that […]

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Which light source do I prefer? The incandescent light bulb

A more natural light versus the synthetic one of LEDs: to date, technology has yet to fill the gap from this point of view. Giulio Cappellini and Lisa Marchesi talked about it. Technology also in the field of light has made great strides in recent years, it is moving with great speed. What does a […]

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Bathroom lighting, do not give up on style

Not just ceiling lights and central light points: in modern bathrooms you can customize the lighting like never before. For those who take care of the details of their interior design, the bathroom can no longer be considered “just” a service room, but a real “relax room“, large or small. For this reason it must […]

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There are more stars in the sky

The pandemic has forced a change in usage habits of the light that favored the observation of this natural spectacle. During the lockdown’s months there were more stars in the sky. Someone have counted them and verified that in fact it was possible to see more stars with the naked eye that can usually be […]

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Lighting that you could only imagine before

LED technology, processes and materials: trends today of the sector go in directions that were previously unthinkable. Everything has changed in our life, even the light and the lighting fixtures that surround us. How are companies coping with the social distancing they are forced into and which deprives them of physical events? How are they […]

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Durability and complexity of simple objects

With Giulio Cappellini, the journalist Andrea Calatroni bring us inside the light world, between products designed to last over time. In this period it is not possible to travel and we are also less involved in an often extremely hectic everyday life. We therefore have perhaps more time to entail reflection. The social live series […]

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Good light and bad light: light pollution

The good one acts on mood and improves the state of well-being, the bad one is a real form of pollution. An imprecise design of outdoor lighting means that a significant fraction of the electricity used for the operation of the systems is sent directly to the sky. It may seem irrelevant, or at most […]

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Creativity and design: how to cultivate inspiration

How does a design professional never lose inspiration, always be able to keep up in an excellent way? In the Instagram direct “Icone Talks”, Camilla Bellini and Giulio Cappellini also talked about the creative vein and habits that serve to cultivate it. The experience of Icone Luce Art Director is a real journey through years […]

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