With Caveau it is time of a new light

An icon of style: this is a recessed lamp to illuminate the spaces of the present time.

Furnishing with personality using technology and emotion together. Caveau allows you to do all this, thanks to an unique visual impact.

Caveau is a recessed lamp, with reflected light, wich falls completely into the wall. Like a precious pearl inside the shell, the light is enclosed within a circular cover that appears from the wall and gives the desired amount of light, and then disappears again discreetly inside the wall. It does this thanks to an automated opening and closing system that allows the angle to be programmed in a range from 0° to 90°.


Everyone has his inclination, also in terms of light, so the amount of light can always be precisely determined within this opening and closing rage. The result is a versatility of scenarios that make Caveau suitable for the most varied furnishing contexts, also thanks to the many finishes available, with the possibility of covering and color.

The scenic component is combined with the technological component, which makes Caveau a smart lamp. The functions of use are manageable via bluetooth technology from mobile devices, in line with the needs of the most advanced domotics. The control panel is easily accessible, so program Caveau, manually or via software, is very easy.


Caveau is a perfect union between form and function. Its design was also appreciated by the German Design Council, which awarded the German Design Award 2019 to the Icone’s lamp. It is one of the most prestigious international design awards, which aims to discover, present and honor the most innovative and quality trends. This, according to the jurors, the motivation of the award assigned to the lamp designed by Marco Pagnoncelli:

This design is noteworthy due to the fact that the light source remains invisible until its cover gently opens. Likewise, the fact that the tilt angle can be programmed with an app is to be commended. An extremely elegant solution.”

Visit the page with all the details on Caveau.


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