Creativity and design: how to cultivate inspiration

How does a design professional never lose inspiration, always be able to keep up in an excellent way?

In the Instagram direct “Icone Talks”, Camilla Bellini and Giulio Cappellini also talked about the creative vein and habits that serve to cultivate it. The experience of Icone Luce Art Director is a real journey through years of continuous contamination with cultures different from ours and from each other.

Giulio Cappellini. If I have to summarize with two words I would say curiosity and passion.

Curiosity because I think you can always get inspiration everywhere. Until recently I traveled a lot, almost two hundred days a year, from short trips to Europe or Italy, to more important ones such as the Far East or North America and so on. I lived in airports and on the plane.

As we said to ourselves, it is one thing to see things in reflection and one thing is to experience them, smell the scent, experience the atmosphere, especially when, abroad, you may have the opportunity to relate to locals, not as a tourist but by discovering the real part of certain countries.

Only in this way do you truly come into contact with people, with natural landscapes, with architecture and with traditions.

When I travel I keep taking notes, I try to fix things in my head and I always come back with a lot of ideas. In the world you can always have the opportunity to take inspiration and find themes to work on.

On the other hand there is passion. That of the designer is a beautiful job that allows us to show our thoughts. We make objects that people may or may not like, but they tell us about them.

When I go to schools I always say that if we have to spend more than thirty words to tell about our project, it is because we are not personally convinced of it.

Obviously passion is important that it is combined with professionalism. I realize more and more that making projects, building a story in design, is not something that is improvised from morning to night. The project is something that needs to be worked on continuously, both by designers and by companies. There must be a very strong partnership from this point of view and we must work with great consistency.

Creativity is something that is probably innate in people, but it can be refined over time, always having this curiosity. There is always something to think about or something new to draw, that’s the spring that keeps us going.

It is not true that everything in design has already been done, today talking about design means talking about something at 360 °. You find design in a lamp, in a piece of furniture, in a mobile phone, in a car, in a bottle of water and so on.

The same is true for the interiors, it must be a very specific project because, in any case, the interior of a house, office or hotel must reflect the personality of those who live there. It is a very interesting process. I hope you agree.

Camilla Bellini. Absolutely yes, it takes a lot of passion to do this job, or you like it or you don’t have the tools to do it.

There is always something we haven’t seen, something we haven’t experienced, something we can learn. What I liked is the fact that you said that traveling a lot, you met people who tell you and show you points of view that you might not have taken into consideration.

Each person has a story about her, different from anyone else, an inexhaustible source because the combinations that can be created, such as the reflection they can have in the projects that are born, are practically infinite and as a result they lead to masterpieces.

Giulio Cappellini. This is a bit like your second life, the second part of your work in which you tell people your impressions filtered by the world of design. Your role as a blogger from this point of view is fundamental, that is to bring people closer and closer to something that can then enter their daily universe, a service that you give to the public.

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