Cristalglob, la collezione antica e contemporanea allo stesso tempo

A family of lamps that perhaps shows Italian savoir-faire at its best, a synthesis of technology and high craftsmanship.

Cristalglob is a strongly evocative object that reinterprets in a contemporary key, especially in the pendant and ceiling versions of the lamps in this family, the ancient chandeliers, those chandeliers of very large dimensions and great scenic presence that used to be placed above the tables in the most important rooms.

The interesting thing about Cristalglob-a lamp also available in wall and floor versions-is precisely the synthesis of technology and high craftsmanship of a product in which different materials are mixed.
Icone specializes especially in working with metal, the main element in almost all of its lamps. In this case, metal worked in an industrial way, with great quality and precision, has been juxtaposed with one of the symbolic elements of Made in Italy, glass blown by the master craftsmen of Murano.

The glass, which is presented in two shades, a clear, transparent one that looks almost diamond-like, and another shade that is pinker, more amber, which can also be used in combination with each other.

The Cristalglob collection perhaps best represents Italian savoir-faire, very high quality, objects in which craftsmanship intervention is a very strong constant.
These are lamps that need no introduction because it is immediately apparent how they manage to express great product strength.

A cascade of lights like this in the entrance of a large hotel, in a large living room, in a large dining room, has such expressive power that it can bring life and determine spaces with great ease.

Cristalglob is a timeless family of lamps, a collection that I would call ancient and contemporary at the same time.

Giulio Cappellini
Icone Art Director


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