Disclose the culture of design on the web, betwen communication, experiences and emotions

The designer Camilla Bellini discuss with Giulio Cappellini in the Instagram live of ‘Icone Talks’, the periodic appointment in which the Icone art director talks about issues about lighting, design and architecture and interior trend.

Camilla Bellini is a product designer and she loves to observe what happen in the design world, to communicate it to the people which follow her on her site and on her social channels.

With her, Giulio Cappellini has nattered about their professional world, of visions and changing trends.

Giulio Cappellini. You are a social designer, you use digital media a lot in your work, you are both designer and observer of design phenomena. What are the goals you set yourself using these means?

Camilla Bellini. The reason I started using social media and combining it with the more classic work of design is because I liked the idea that people who are not part of our industry could have a more emotional and more experiential access to design.

Usually design always speaks a little to itself, I liked the idea of giving the opportunity to those who are not part of the sector, to those who may not have the opportunity to go to sector events and have no way of keeping up with the continuous go out, to have available a channel that could be useful, usable in a light but not superficial way, therefore not technical.

I approach the subject from a slightly more emotional point of view, with respect to the institutional communication that the company does.

This was the goal, to bring design closer to people.

Giulio Cappellini. I absolutely agree with this, having opened the doors to the wider public has meant that design has truly become a socio-cultural phenomenon. Previously, people probably looked at products or bought a design magazine a month before making their new home.

Today this concept has truly entered our daily life, the observation of everything that changes. Also because the change in design is strongly linked to socio-cultural changes and this has meant that this phenomenon is experienced firsthand. This can be seen from the great curiosity that the public shows when there are events such as the Fuorisalone.

Going back to what your ‘digital’ business is, virtual communication is never more fundamental than in this moment, and this really allows you to talk to a wider audience, something you have been doing for a long time.

Who was not used to having to adapt to virtual meetings, I wanted to understand if your way of working has changed and if so how?

Camilla Bellini. I have not left behind, on the contrary, I have increased the part of digital communication, which continuously offers the possibility to be on the front line, to speak and express my opinions. In truth, I feel the lack of reality, through social media and digital platforms I like to convey an experience that I do in reality.

These means are excellent for communicating and conveying, however nothing can compare to the real experiences we make of a product, if we want to talk about design, but it is something that then applies to all sectors of life.

First-person experience is what transforms us, affects us, makes us reflect, makes us change, etc. I really like telling it on social media, but I hope to return soon to bring these two areas together, return to show the constantly changing reality, which we experience every day through social platforms.

I have been locked up in my home studio for some time now and I really want to go back to events, to go back to meet people, to touch what our sector offers us or in any case also to return to the life that was considered “normal” until recently.

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