Essenza transforms light into a piece of furniture with unique character

Customization and image: how Icone’s finishes can completely change the appearance of the product.

Essenza is one of the latest lighting systems designed by Marco Pagnoncelli for Icone.
Why do I talk about lighting systems? Because Essenza is not a single product but a series of elements declined for various functions.

It is produced in four dimensions: it can be a wall lamp, a chandelier or a ceiling light. This is precisely part of the concept of Dna Icone, that is, not so much the idea of making a single product but, starting from forms that are always seriously pure, to think of families of objects, thus giving different declinations and different functions of use to the forms of a product.

Essenza has a very particular light: slender structures that illuminate these large discs that can have different finishes. Here is precisely another fundamental element of the Icone project, that of always giving a wide possibility of customization to the product. And these customizations, related to the finishes, often also give completely different images to the product.

The same lamp, declined all white or white with some black finishes, is quite different from the same lamp in the all gold leaf or silver leaf version, or mixing other absolutely different finishes.
This is precisely a characteristic somewhat of all Icone lighting systems, to make products that certainly have their own distinct image, however products that can be easily customized so that they can be set in the most diverse architectural situations.

So a product so minimal, so pure, with such simple shapes as Essenza can really furnish the most diverse spaces, from commercial spaces to residential spaces to hospitality, and enter the most diverse architectures, from absolutely classic architecture to much more contemporary architecture.

Giulio Cappellini.


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