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Masai, Essenza and Duetto 2022 are present in an exclusive space designed by Giulio Cappellini: Superstudio Più.

On the occasion of Milan Design Week 2022, Icons Luce is present with its own space at Superstudio Più where it presents the latest novelties all designed by Marco Pagnoncelli.

masai floor lamp versione icone luce
MASAI floor lamp version, design by Marco Pagnoncelli (Icone).

MASAI is a large family of ceiling, wall, floor and table lamps, characterized by thin and rounded shapes and a careful use of materials: metals in precious gold and silver finishes are mixed with sophisticated paint. Masai is a precious object, which alone characterizes room.

ESSENZA wall lamp version, design by Marco Pagnoncelli (Icone).

ESSENZA is a real luminous sculpture: slender metal sections in precious finishes emerge from panels in different colors to be fixed to the wall. A minimalist object, which immediately brings us back to certain well-known expressions of contemporary art.

duetto 2022 pendant lamp
DUETTO 2022 pendant lamp, design by Marco Pagnoncelli (Icone).

DUETTO 2022 is a reinterpretation of the well-known suspension lamp with new finishes.

It is offered today, in addition to painted metal, in precious and sophisticated material finishes.

With these new products, Icons once again demonstrates its attention to the technical/stylistic evolution of lighting fixtures, elements of great importance in contemporary interiors.

The space at Superstudio, designed by Giulio Cappellini, is declined in warm beige tones and with some iconic furnishings creates small corners of the home.

Superstudio Più
Via Tortona, 27


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