Icone Luce & Milan Design Week 2021

The company chooses the “citadel of the image” and its exhibitions to characterise its presence at Milan Design Week.

On the occasion of the Milan Design Week next September (from Sunday 5th to Friday 10th), Icone Luce will be present at Superdesign Show at Superstudiopiù in via Tortona, in two different events:

  • Cult&Must: the great retrospective of design that recounts, through products that have become icons, the cultural and social evolution of the last twenty years, from automotive to interior design, from technology to communication. Among the pieces chosen from the Icone Luce collection are the Arbor, Gru, Luà, Giuup and Vera lamps, all designed by Marco Pagnoncelli and which have marked the evolution of the brand.
  • Supercampus, on the other hand, is the new concept of a place to work and relax, a warm and welcoming space illuminated by many iconic lamps from the Icone collection, including Arbor, Hula Hoop, Cristal Glob, Luà and others.

The presence at these two exhibitions represents the company’s attention to the evolution of both the market and the design language. Sophisticated lamps characterised by a correct use of material, ready to enter homes and public spaces around the world.


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