In hotel, the light you need to feel at home

In the SUPERHOTEL concept, Giulio Cappellini has moved on the edge of research with his usual elegance and ability to anticipate trends.

What do you need to feel at home anywhere in the world? Those who move from one country to another, from one hotel to another, have needs that are often different from those of the standard layouts that many hotel chains offers.

Personalizing the experience means being sensitive to the needs of the guests and following trends and novelties, such as hostility, energy saving, home automation and the return to simplicity, in the furnishings as in the type of lighting.

On the occasion of the last Fuorisalone, during Design Week 2019 in Milan, the architect Giulio Cappellini presented an international hotel project with deep Italian roots, a SUPERHOTEL. A mix of industrial products and high craftsmanship created ad hoc to create different styles and atmospheres for every type of environment.

A restaurant with differentiated areas told the kitchens of the world, different types of suites, a large lounge and a gym completed the project. Technology and products that have crossed in a natural and contemporary way. 

A hotel project in the name of diversity, with an opposite view to the uniformity of hotels of any category. To compose this ideal and personalized hotel there were the great names of Italian design, the brands and the architects who sign the best production.

For the lighting of this Superhotel, Giulio Cappellini used the Icone Luce lamps:

· Reverse
· Olimpia
· Cristalglob
· Luà
· Kone

This is the concept of the SUPERHOTEL as synthesized by the art director Giulio Cappellini, who once again moves with an ad hoc project on the edge of research always with elegance and his ability to anticipate trends.

Superstudio Più | SuperDesign Show
via Tortona, 27, Milano
Fuorisalone 2019


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