The difference between design and good design

Looking at the lamps of Icone Luce, we understand how how much more difficult it is to make objects that look simple compared to objects that seem complex.

Marco Pagnoncelli always tends to make attentions at details, finishes and materials. In all the products of the company, both historical products and those of the new generation, we see that there is a great deal of attention to the use of materials, the use of new materials and above all the coloring, the finishes.

Very simple objects, really pure, very sophisticated but above all objects that last over time.

That’s the difference between making design and making good design.

Design creates best seller objects, good design creates non seller objects. With over time these objects became increasingly intresting, they becoming part of our lives.

Icone Luce lamps can be set in different architectural contexts. Both classic and contemporary homes. Many of the latest projects can enter very well into the Contract world.

These new clusters of light, the applique, etc. they can perfectly integrate in environments such as hotels and restaurants.

There is a very clear, very precise road. The Icone object is easily recognizable.

Within a company there may be the product you like best, the one you like least, the one that matures first in the market, the one that needs more time. However, the important thing is that there is a very strong thread that links all the different products. I find this thread in Icone.

Giulio Cappellini, Icone Luce Art Director.


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