The wall lamp that puts men at the centre

Technology and stage presence has made of Caveau an award lamp, without fogetting the centrality of the person and his choices.

The individual at the center of enlightenment, having the well-being of man and his biological needs as the goal of designing light.

These biological needs are dictated by rhythms, the so-called circadian rhythms, the series of changes in the body controlled by the brain that occur over a perios of twenty-four hours.

The light and the circadian rhythms

Sleep/wakefulness, the body temperature variation, the circulatory system parameters: these are all example of variations that are involved in the cardiac rhythm.

The alternation of light/dark it is what that mostly influenced our cardiac rhythm, from which depend, above other things, the hormones production and the cells regeneration.

A personalized light is therefore necessary for adapt to the uniqueness of each person’s rhythms. The role that play therefore the enlightenment in our living ambient, and in our lives, is fundamental.

Go in search of your own light

The wall lamp Caveau fits in these research of his own light according to the moment, in which it is added also the stage component.

Caveau encloses the light inside, in a circular covering that appears from the wall and gives the desired amount of light, and then closes itself back into the wall. It is equipped with an automated opening and closing system that allows you to program the angle at will in a range ranging from 0 ° to 90 °, via Bluetooth technology and a smartphone app.

Caveau is the way in which Icone put its own lamps at the service of man and his needs, with a use of technology that leaves the individual, and not an automation system, direct control of the lighting.


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