The light of tomorrow: trends 2021 according to Giulio Cappellini

Life and work are always ‘phygital’, a mix between physical and digital. How lighting is changing in this context.

The recent pandemic has accelerated the integration of offline and online life at home and in the office.

Our home or office become theaters of communication, real scenarios in which the technical and formal quality of the lights and furnishings is fundamental.

Therefore, spectacular objects, often a little out of scale but that appear well on the computer screen of the person with whom we are engaged in virtual communication.

In 2021 we will see ever softer lighting objects, with supple and rounded shapes and very often adjustable, to give an always different reading of light and the light source.

We will see warm and material colors, which protect the user psychologically and emotionally in the need for a safe place such as the home or office in contrast to external places that are perceived as less and less safe.

So great socio / cultural changes of the user to which Icone is already responding with the use of warm and noble materials and with undoubtedly spectacular objects such as Arbor or Canaletto, or Hula Hoop e Vera.

Giulio Cappellini, Icone Luce Art Director .


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