Light as protagonist in Bruce Munro’s sculptural works

Light installation representing nature and the rebirth of life even among the arid lands of deserts.

The “site-specific” operas by Bruce Munro, 63 years old Anglo-Australian artist, are famous all over the world for the sentimental impact they create on visitors, not least because of the contexts in chich they are installed.

The idea of his famous light installations has born in 1992, while he was travelling throught the Red Desert, in central Australia. Munro felt a strong irresistible connection between that place’s energy, the warmth and the brightness of the desert landscape. ‘Field of Light’ is the representation of that experience.

“I wanted to create a land illuminated by stems that, like the sleeping seed in a dry desert, would burst into a flower at sudk with gentle rhythms of light under a burning blanket of stars”.
-Bruce Munro

After developing the idea for over a decade, Munro created the first Field of Light in the field behind his family house in Wiltshire, a county in south-west England.

Today there is a Field of Light also in California, a 15-acre walk, Munro’s biggest work of art to date, consisting of more than 58.800 fibre-optically illuminated stem spheres, which delicately illuminate the landscape in subtle morphing colour blooms.

Between Munro’s installations there are the ‘Light Towers’ that celebrate the vast surroundings of Paso Robles (California), with 69 tower composed by more than 17.000 wine bottles – renowned production in the area -, illuminated by incandescent optical fiber whose colours are transformed into an inspiring musical score.

Powered by the energy of the sun, these beautiful exhibitions fascinate visitors, inviting them to engage with the landscape and the environment through an ethereal light-based experience.


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