Light that can revitalise places of hospitality

Lighting plays a crucial role in the return to social venues.

How can the hospitality industry bring people back into their environments after Covid closures and restrictions? One possible way forward is to work on the way these spaces engage the public.

Light is an integral part of this transformation process because it creates a connection between a space and the person in it, it attracts people, it evokes a certain emotion or mood, it enhances the experience and therefore enhances the brand, it provides flexibility, it offers personalisation and much more.

The recovery of a sector such as the hotel industry will therefore also depend on the versatility of light, as the specific needs of guests become the priority and success will depend on making people feel at ease in different situations: entertainment, social interaction, relaxation and work.

In particular, reactivating the desire to experience social interaction can be difficult because not everyone is ready to hang out in a crowded hotel lobby or reception and socialise in a busy bar.

Trust needs to be built by creating adaptable spaces that provide the right balance of privacy and community. Lighting designers therefore have an even more important role to play, as they need to design spaces that evoke different ambiences and elicit different emotional responses, whether it is a lively and animated scene in a bar for a large social gathering or an intimate and cosy area for a quiet drink.

Lighting quality and control can play a key role in enabling these transitions from one function to another, transforming what could be an intimate, low uniformity, high contrast setting into a bright and comfortable place to work or relax during the day.


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