Here is a family of lamps with such a strong personality that it goes beyond the scale of the product. Large or small, it retains its distinctive character.

Hula Hoop is a family of lamps, designed by Marco Pagnoncelli for Icone Luce, that can be declined as ceiling lamps, in the case of houses with lower ceilings, or as hanging lamps, like luminous sculptures, in the case of spaces with greater available height, to illuminate sofas rather than tables.

Many finishes available, more technical or more decorative, as in the style of Icons, and once again a synthesis of forms that are very dear to the designer. Very simple, elementary forms, which, however, joined together in different ways, as in the case of Hula Hoop, are able to give a very strong characterization to the environment.

These objects have their own strong personality, a strong physiognomy, both in the larger versions, thus definitely larger in size, and also in the smaller sizes.

This is another extremely important issue: very large objects often become spectacular, and when the size is reduced, they do not always retain their characteristic of great quality.

Looking at the collection of Icons as a whole, taking into account precisely the great care that there is in the detail, both of design and manufacture, the leap in the scale of the product-from small to large or from the largest to the smallest-keeps the same quality.

This I think is another distinguishing feature of lamp collections like Hula Hoop. Lamps that can be easily set in any environment and especially lights designed for an international market.

Giulio Cappellini
Icone Art Director


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