The legacy of what we do

Flexibility, sustainability and experience go into the budgets of all new projects.

Disruption of vision, values and desires. With the pandemic, companies like ours have had to adapt quickly to survive a whole new set of client expectations.

Today’s reality is more complex, projects raise more questions than answers, and there are more logistical and financial constraints than ever before. But there has never been a more important time to finalise details and build future flexibility. This means entrusting architects and designers with the task of providing ever richer and more fulfilling experiences for the people who live in the spaces, and seriously considering the role a lighting designer can play in bringing these experiences to life.

The new reality also brings with it the need to address the environmental impact of the designs and products that architects, interior and lighting designers think about, and the equipment and materials we choose.

In a context of reduced budgets and tighter schedules, how can we design with a real level of sustainability? It is not enough to design for the present, we have to do it with the future in mind and consider the legacy that each and every project we build leaves. The approach needs to be genuinely and thoughtfully addressed, and built into budgets from the outset.

This is a new way of thinking, one that must consider the whole life cost of a project and product. The long-term savings often outweigh the higher initial costs.


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