There are more stars in the sky

The pandemic has forced a change in usage habits of the light that favored the observation of this natural spectacle.

During the lockdown’s months there were more stars in the sky. Someone have counted them and verified that in fact it was possible to see more stars with the naked eye that can usually be observed.

In Great Britain every yer the number of visible stars is verified by CPRE – The countryside charity with the Star Count initiative. Most people involved in the observation noticed more stars than in 2020, particularly in the constellation of Orion.

This happens due to the decrease in light pollution in the country due to the restrictions for the containment of the spread of Covid-19. The UK’s nocturnal light impact was featured in an interactive map published during International Dark Sky Week.

Looking at the starry sky is a magical sight that everyone should be able to experience, wherever they live. The hope is that this type of result can also be maintained in the post Covid period.

Light pollution is a type of phenomenon that can be acted on in a simple way, in fact it can be easily reduced by taking into account our habits. The important thing is to be aware of the problem and try to raise everyone’s awareness.

Initiatives such as the English one allow some people to have the first concrete approach with the observation of the night sky, to enjoy a privilege, a magnificent experience. In order not to take this kind of natural spectacle for granted, it is necessary to ensure that well-designed lighting is used only where and when needed.


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