There can be design in everything

A dynamic discipline, constantly evolving and with new applications.

One of the common phrases about design is that “everything has already been done”. Giulio Cappellini, Icone’s art director, and Alessandro Biamonti, architect, university professor and writer (Essere Designer, ARCHIFLOP. Storie di progetti finiti male), they are not of the same opinion and they spoke about it at ‘Icone Talks’, the Instagram live series discussing about architecture, design, creativity and lighting.

Alessandro Biamonti: “Design does not run out because it takes part of a continuous evolution, the same of the discipline itself. Design, even only in the last 20 years, have had an intrinsic evolution of the discipline, as field of application”.

Sometimes it entered, perhaps in some cutting-edge or in some others related to experiments, in the mechanism of certain realities in which previously it seemed to have nothing to do with. It tourned out that often the aproach, the way in which the designers deal with the issues, also helps others and not only to complete a project. It helps to understand more complex issue and to make them more manageable by those with other competences”.

Giulio Cappellini: “I belive that it could be design and project in everything. Sincerly the extension of a 360-degree desing project concept is foundamental. To make design it doesn’t mean just drawing a sofa, a table or a chair but also project a bottle of water, a reactor tube or whatever one wants”.

On IG TV di @icone.luce you can watch the full video.


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