Expect lamps to take center stage through outsized dimensions.

The world is changing fast; in the past two years this speed has seemed to be increasingly dizzying.

If before the Covid pandemic and the worsening climate crisis, it was people who followed the trends dictated by brands, now it is probably companies that have to interpret the changing and increasingly frequent behaviors of their audiences.

We asked a trendsetter like Giulio Cappellini to give us insights into what’s in store for us in the new year in the field of furniture and lighting.

“The trend already established in 2022 is also reconfirmed for 2023: warm environments in which to live and work surrounded by softly shaped furniture and atmospheric lighting.”

“Lighting design is strongly related to interior design: you cannot create the right atmosphere without the right lighting.”

“Certainly in recent years, lighting has made great strides technologically, and as far as the image is concerned, two distinct strands have been determined: lighting fixtures that integrate and blend with architecture and lighting fixtures that are highly decorative and iconic.”

“The dimensional scale of objects is also changing: there are no longer average lamps. Either small or definitely large, in an out-of-scale that makes the lamp the protagonist of the environment.”

“However, the warm atmosphere of rooms does not mean only basic materials or muted colors: precious materials and finishes are increasingly taking center stage, and neutral colors are being alternated with bright hues as confirmed by Viva Magenta, Pantone color 2023.”


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