Regina degli scacchi netflix

TV series that help interior designers

In this pandemic period, even a digital platform such as Netflix can be useful to professionists.

Journey are always enriching and the first source of inspiration we think of for, or have thought of before the pandemic. Locked down at home or restricted in our movements, we were forced to nurture creativity in other ways.

Internet has surely helped and it is within this large container that we have sought food for our minds, our ideas and our work for those who make inventiveness and creativity their profession.

How have interior designers moved in this direction? The art director of Icone Luce, Giulio Cappellini, asked Elisa Monico, engineer and interior designer, in one of the Icone Talks:

In addition to the web and magazines, I have also found interesting ideas in some Netflix series, such as Queen of Chess, or Bridgerton. Ideas on settings with special wallpapers and more”.

The creative mind never rests, it feeds on stimuli that arrive from anywhere, at any time, without warning. So it happens that the attentive eye of a professional interior designer is not only the passive instrument with which to enjoy a video content, such as a television programme or online, but is also capable of observing the scenarios and details that surround the protagonists, those that build the context and accompany the emotions and the different situations.

In the same way, designs for homes, offices and public spaces take shape, perhaps thanks to a cue taken from a TV series and characterising an environment like no other.


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