A change? We will buy less, but better

In lighting, we expect simple shapes, but with strong characterization. Beautiful lamps to look at, but also to touch.

Is there a change in philosophy? I would say yes, I often say that inventing new forms is very difficult today. In the past very beautiful shapes have been made, today we have a great possibility of using new materials, new production systems, new production technologies, therefore new textures, new finishes that allow a strong characterization of the luminous element.

It is the end of disposable use

The theme of personalization will be increasingly important going forward. I think that after this period, in which we are rereading and rethinking ourselves, we will buy less from the present but we will buy better, the disposable object will no longer be part of our philosophy of life.

We all have to deal with budgets, both publicly and privately, because I know perfectly well that at this moment many entrepreneurs would like to redo the lighting and furnishings of their restaurants or hotels. Given the situation, they will probably have to make a virtue of necessity and take it one step at a time, or postpone it.

Maybe it doesn’t take much, changing a few lamps can completely change the appearance of the environment. To satisfy this need you have to resort to customization. Without prejudice to the validity of the basic project, the fact of being able to give a lot with the finishes and of being able to almost customize the single object that goes to the final consumer is an extremely important added value.

How the perception of an object changes

This is a discourse that Icone has been making for some time: managing the production piece by piece, reaching its maximum customization.

The perception of the same product changes according to the different markets. Therefore, the same product with different finishes, customized, has an absolutely different meaning. So simple shapes, very strong characterization in materials, finishes … Beautiful objects not only to look at and use, but also to touch.

Giulio Cappellini, Art Director Icone Luce.


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