When design becomes depersonalised

Over products and objects, there are stories of people that we must not forget.

Thinking about the realisation of a project only through a model to be applied, a set of operations to be carried out in order to reach a goal, is a concept that impoverishes the role of the designer.

This vision doesn’t involve the person behind a designer, his history, his sensibility and creativity that can brake the rules, like those of a pre-established model.

Giulio Cappellini, Icone art director, and Alessandro Biamonti, architect, university professor and writer (Essere Designer, ARCHIFLOP. Storie di progetti finiti male), has spoken about this ‘depersonalization’ of the designer role during their social conversation at ‘Icone Talks’.

Alessandro Biamonti. “The projects history is also the same of desingers, the same of people. A worrying trend that I’m observing is that one that emphatize the process. Believing that everyone can get to a project just by following a few steps of a method, it make people into operators, depersonalized the actions of the desingers and remove the possibility to bringing one’s own experience into projects”.

Studies and in-depth knowledge are an antidote to the exaltation of the process. Knowing the past and its history helps not to forget what happened behind a project and the objects that continue to be current and followed.

Giuglio Cappellini. “We must always create for the future but never forgetting the past. Often the youngest designers don’t know who are behind a project”.

“When we think about the glorious italian design, the history behind it is that of a group of young designer who deeply believed in design as a new form of expression and on the other hand by a small bunch of young businessmen who believe in design as a form of business. All in all, it was a few people who created a phenomenon of global stature”.

Have a look at the entire episode of Icone Talks on IG TV of @icone.luce.


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