You can write poetry with light too

Composing verses to share with cities, to make people think and give hope.

Illuminate to bring hope in one of the darkest periods ever crossed by mankind. Light can also be used to write, as demonstrated by the famous artist Robert Montgomery, who uses this type of language to create real light poems.

“Like little love letters to strangers”.

Montgomery creates site-specific installations, always located in public places, luminous signs made of words that give the city food for thought on contemporaneity.

The light on which his works feed to shine in the air are also a metaphor for the power of poetry and art.

In some of his installations, the light that illuminates the signs is self-produced. Affixed to buildings or in the middle of cities, the signs store sunlight during the day and then transform it into electricity after dark, thanks to a system of solar panels, so they can light up without the need for power. In other projects, the artist dismantles existing signs and assembles new ones.

Sculptor and poet: the works of Robert Montgomery, born in 1972 in Scotland, are exhibited in galleries all over the world, from the Transmission Gallery in Glasgow, to The Margaret Thatcher Project in New York, to the Nuke Gallery in Paris, to The Contemporary Art Museum in Houston.

In Italy, his iconic LED lettering could be seen, in late 2020, at BASE Milano, via Bergognone, where Montgomery exhibited the work “The Future Is A Risk of Our Hearts.


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