Masai: a versatile and striking lighting collection

Giulio Cappellini introduces us to the Masai d’Icone collection: an innovative reinterpretation of ancient shields with curved shapes, transformed into elegant lamps.

Masai has a strongly evocative name that immediately brings us back to the forms of this collection of lamps designed by Icone’s in-house designer, Marco Pagnoncelli.
Masai is characterized by the curvilinear forms of these ancient shields, which are declined to build a collection of lights with the most diverse uses. From wall lamps to ceiling or floor lamps, and once again objects that, depending on the type of finish, depending on the mix of materials, strongly change their connotation.
It is interesting how in Masai lamps the light has definite reflections and especially the curved shapes of these objects give a very warm and friendly look to the lighting system.

The image of the product changes depending on whether it is a floor lamp rather than a ceiling lamp, the essence does not change, that always remains the same.
We are therefore talking about modern, contemporary objects, minimal in their forms that, however, take us back to archaic forms that we already have in our memory.

Once again products that can easily enter the most diverse environments.
I think this is the secret of commercially successful objects, objects that can be set in the most diverse architectural situations.
Certainly Masai, in all its different declinations, is a strongly evocative object that alone can furnish an environment.

Giulio Cappellini


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