Lighting that you could only imagine before

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LED technology, processes and materials: trends today of the sector go in directions that were previously unthinkable. Everything has changed in our life, even the light and the lighting fixtures that surround us. How are companies coping with the social distancing they are forced into and which deprives them of physical events? How are they […]


Durability and complexity of simple objects

With Giulio Cappellini, the journalist Andrea Calatroni bring us inside the light world, between products designed to last over time. In this period it is not possible to travel and we are also less involved in an often extremely hectic everyday life. We therefore have perhaps more time to entail reflection. The social live series […]

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Good light and bad light: light pollution

The good one acts on mood and improves the state of well-being, the bad one is a real form of pollution. An imprecise design of outdoor lighting means that a significant fraction of the electricity used for the operation of the systems is sent directly to the sky. It may seem irrelevant, or at most […]

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Creativity and design: how to cultivate inspiration

How does a design professional never lose inspiration, always be able to keep up in an excellent way? In the Instagram direct “Icone Talks”, Camilla Bellini and Giulio Cappellini also talked about the creative vein and habits that serve to cultivate it. The experience of Icone Luce Art Director is a real journey through years […]

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The relationship with light has changed, we seek protection

Designer Camilla Bellini discusses light and lighting with Giulio Cappellini in the live Instagram of ‘Icone Talks’, a way of keeping the debate on interior design issues alive. Talking about lighting with a young professional like Camilla Bellini is a way of discovering a fresh point of view on the subject, in comparison with the […]

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Disclose the culture of design on the web, betwen communication, experiences and emotions

The designer Camilla Bellini discuss with Giulio Cappellini in the Instagram live of ‘Icone Talks’, the periodic appointment in which the Icone art director talks about issues about lighting, design and architecture and interior trend. Camilla Bellini is a product designer and she loves to observe what happen in the design world, to communicate it […]

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The wall lamp that puts men at the centre

Technology and stage presence has made of Caveau an award lamp, without fogetting the centrality of the person and his choices. The individual at the center of enlightenment, having the well-being of man and his biological needs as the goal of designing light. These biological needs are dictated by rhythms, the so-called circadian rhythms, the […]

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Large lamps for a home-office

Lights are the protagonist of ambient in wich we are costricted to live longer and ever Spectacular objects to demostrate their own scenographic personality during the distance working calls. We talked about it with Giulio Cappellini as one of the new year’s trend. A come back, that of large lamps, after the minimalism of styles […]

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The effects of Covid on the lighting market

How to react to the consequences that the crisis has brought in the lighting sector. The advent of LEDs in the world of lighting radically changed the market scenario, in which there was a high barrier to entry, a profitable market for replacement lamps, significant product differentiation and, above all, profit margins. From 2000 onwards, […]

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The light of tomorrow: trends 2021 according to Giulio Cappellini

Life and work are always ‘phygital’, a mix between physical and digital. How lighting is changing in this context. The recent pandemic has accelerated the integration of offline and online life at home and in the office. Our home or office become theaters of communication, real scenarios in which the technical and formal quality of […]

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