Lighting in today’s architecture

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Icone Talks is the periodic event in which the director of Icone, Giulio Capellini, discusses issues related to lighting and design with some of the most important architects on the international scene. This contribution is taken from “Icone Talks” with the architect and designer Carlo Colombo. Before the light it was not a particularly relevant […]


The new sensuality of design

We will see more and more a design to touch, not just to look at. Today understanding the limit between design and decoration becomes increasingly difficult. In the case of Icone the designs are always very rigorous. Those by Marco Pagnoncelli are always linear, very clean, the enrichment of the object takes place through the […]

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Lighting trend: architectural and moving

Lamps that are the protagonists and blend with the architecture that surrounds them. The new trend in architectural lighting is that of a light that blends and camouflages with the surrounding elements, as in the case of, for example, Caveau but also Vera. Let’s talk about moving light, an extremely important element now. In both […]

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Looking for a space and our light

The way we live spaces has changed, the need for lighting will also change, towards an increasingly personalized light. We are experiencing a particular moment, in recent months we have radically changed our way of life. All in all, however, this moment accelerated some phenomena that were already underway, linked, above all to the world […]

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A wall of light with 120 thousand compact discs

‘Ribbon of light’ is a tribute to the fight against Coronavirus. British artist BruceMunro is best known for large-scale immersive light installations, largely inspired by his interest in sharing human experience. Through the recording of ideas and images in notebooks, for over 30 years he has captured his impressions and responses to stimuli such as […]

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Will we now have more awareness of the importance of Light?

The Covid-19 has done nothing but speed up some processes already underway. Will we live the social distance in the environments thinking more and better about lighting? In recent years, from a technological point of view, light has made great strides forward. On the one hand there is the theme of energy saving, on the […]

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Faster and safer internet connections thanks to light

Li-Fi (Light Fidelity) is already a reality, it works thanks to light bulbs and the spectrum of light. The pandemic confirmed the importance of technological infrastructure in our life. Forced to quarantine, the demand for online services and content, for work, study and entertainment, has increased, as well as the number of people who have […]

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A change? We will buy less, but better

In lighting, we expect simple shapes, but with strong characterization. Beautiful lamps to look at, but also to touch. Is there a change in philosophy? I would say yes, I often say that inventing new forms is very difficult today. In the past very beautiful shapes have been made, today we have a great possibility […]

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A bright art form from Big Data

An installation of LED light that makes you think, making tangible something impersonal like data. Today data are used for everything in technology, it serves to have a lot of information with a speed that we have never had available. Data can help us ‘do’ things that are useful or that make life more comfortable, […]

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The right light can save art

The technology that applied to lighting helps to keep the ancient paintings longer. The main enemies of the works of art are the external agents that damage them. Looking closely at a painting, for example, cracks can be seen on the surface of the canvas, especially if the painting is very old. This damage is […]

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