Not just product: the value of experience in restaurants

The way of living, managing and promoting the premises will change, so the choice of lighting will play an even more important role. Social distancing will bring about great changes in public places. In the places where you go to spend some time and eat something good, the places will be drastically reduced by the […]

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Light and well-being, even at the bus stop

In Sweden there are bus stops that are real ‘Station of Being’, where time is not lost, but enjoyed. Think about making people feel good even outside the home, during normal everyday life, while they go to work and move to the city, by public transport. It is a vision that not all public administrations […]

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The light that gives hope

In particular in the darkest countries, it is a fundamental tool for improving life. Finland, Denmark and Norway are the three countries in which life is the best in the world, according to the World Happiness Report. Three countries of northern Europe that not by chance given importance and space to light in their environment. […]

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The importance of the dark in our life

The artificial light take away more and more space to the dark, but man needs the dark as much as light. Light, as much light, as we have never had before. Historically, man has always tried to fight the dark, and artificial light, with the advent of public lighting, has allowed him to overcome the […]

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How great creatives work

The Netflix documentary ‘Abstract: The Art of Design’, tells the behind the scenes of famous designer of all over the world. Art and creativity, psychology and enterpreneurship: what’s behind the people who stand out in this field? The original Netflix documentary ‘Abstract: The Art of Design’ reveals the secrets of the great characters in the […]

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The hotel that revolutionizes the experience of the stay

Freedom, Sharing and Technology are at the heart of this innovative hotel, not only for the mountains of the Aosta Valley. An artist was needed to think the interiors of the original Omama Social Hotel in Aosta, a place with a concept of advanced technology, which praises freedom and sharing. The structure, whose accommodation architecture […]

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Villa Monziani: hiding on an island to escape the world

A special place, in which to spend time forgetting about stress and routine. To get to Villa Monziani you walk through the historical centre of Orta San Giulio until you reach the square with a view on the lake. From here, whit a private boat, you arrive on the island of Orta San Giulio, directly […]

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Thus Paris became ‘la Ville des Lumière’

The role of lighting in the change of the city scenario. Paris has been one of the first European capitals to realize an illumination system on the streets, earning the nickname of ‘la Ville des Lumière’, the City of Light. The public street lamps of the French capital have become characteristic and appear as protagonists […]

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To make light you don’t need to much technology

You can choose to go against the current and take a break from a lot of technology. There is technology everywhere around us: on the phone, in the office, at home, in the car and on the streets. We no longer use only our hands to interact with these tools, we talk to them, ask […]

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Icone Luce lamps: the ‘Best sellers’ 2019

Which were the best-selling Icone Luce lamps last year? Among the novelties and products already in the catalog Icone Luce, which ones have received the greatest appreciation, in terms of sales, in 2019? Here are the lamps that have become more…in the light: Best sellers: Vera: the lamps in this collection are at the top […]

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