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Ergonomics is also in the lighting

The house becomes an office, thus changing the way of understanding light. When we think of the concept of smart working we refer to the management of work from home throughout the day, thinking more in terms of objectives rather than hours spent. “Smart”, however, must also be the environment in which one works, in […]

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The legacy of what we do

Flexibility, sustainability and experience go into the budgets of all new projects. Disruption of vision, values and desires. With the pandemic, companies like ours have had to adapt quickly to survive a whole new set of client expectations. Today’s reality is more complex, projects raise more questions than answers, and there are more logistical and […]

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Light that can revitalise places of hospitality

Lighting plays a crucial role in the return to social venues. How can the hospitality industry bring people back into their environments after Covid closures and restrictions? One possible way forward is to work on the way these spaces engage the public. Light is an integral part of this transformation process because it creates a […]

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Light as a timer of our body

Human Centric Lighting: first and foremost, well-being and and respect for the biological rhythms of human beings. There is a discrepancy between natural light and artificial light, it concerns the intensity, the colour, and the dynamism of the light. Natural light is not always the same, it is dynamic, it varies depending on the time […]

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Biophilic lighting and design: a necessity rather than a trend

Nature makes us feel good and, when we can’t go out, we can surround ourselves with objects that remind us of it. Connecting with nature improves the quality of life. This is the principle behind biophilic design, the ability to design objects that establish a connection with nature even in closed environments and that transmit […]

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Illuminazione e design biofilico: più che un trend una necessità

La natura ci fa stare bene e, quando non possiamo uscire, possiamo circondarci di oggetti che ce la ricordano. La connessione con la natura migliora la qualità della vita. È il principio alla base del design biofilico, la capacità di disegnare oggetti che stabiliscono un legame con la natura anche negli ambienti chiusi e che […]

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Regina degli scacchi netflix

TV series that help interior designers

In this pandemic period, even a digital platform such as Netflix can be useful to professionists. Journey are always enriching and the first source of inspiration we think of for, or have thought of before the pandemic. Locked down at home or restricted in our movements, we were forced to nurture creativity in other ways. […]

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Icone Luce & Milan Design Week 2021

The company chooses the “citadel of the image” and its exhibitions to characterise its presence at Milan Design Week. On the occasion of the Milan Design Week next September (from Sunday 5th to Friday 10th), Icone Luce will be present at Superdesign Show at Superstudiopiù in via Tortona, in two different events: Cult&Must: the great […]

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Icone and Giulio Cappellini, light and design

Where did the idea come from to bring together a big name in Italian furniture design to the world of lighting. Taking an interest in the subject of light after an extraordinary career in interiors. A challenge? For Giulio Cappellini it is above all enthusiasm and passion for his work and for everything that revolves […]

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Achille Castiglioni

Lighting: is the form-function relationship still valid?

Are the teachings of the great masters of design still relevant? This is what Giulio Cappellini and Lisa Marchesi wondered about at Icone Talks. According to Achille Castiglioni (1918-2002), the Milanese architect and designer, form derives from a problem of function resolved with coherence and simplicity. Form thus becomes itself a function, a manifestation that […]

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